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Progressing Everywhere but the Belly!

I think a lot of people share my frustration. The belly is the toughest area to workout and I never see results there. My arms are great, my chest is looking better but this belly has gotten nowhere fast.

That is why I scheduled an abdominoplasty. I was a tough choice to make as I never wanted surgery. But I rarely spend much money on myself and I hardly ever take vacations. I know some people who take vacations and the price of it is more than an abdominoplasty.

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The Health Benefits of Being Plant Based Are Undeniable!

So much focus is centered on weight loss, I wanted to blog about the other reasons to go whole food plant based, that being the health benefits. There are a lot of amazing stories out there and I thought I would share my own personal experience eating this way for better health.

Before I lost the weight, I was on so many yo-yo diets but nothing ever worked. I was unhealthy with hypertension and most likely pre-diabetes. I was going down a path of being on meds like so many in my family. I did not want to be like my parents, constantly making sure I had all my medication with me, worrying about side effects, etc.

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The Reason For Not Cheating On The Way I Eat

I think the attached picture explains why I don't cheat, but I thought I would write about it anyway.

Back in 2011, I was over 350 pounds, having tried many different diet plans and feeling hopeless. I was addicted to unhealthy foods. I was eating fast food everyday, eating candy in huge quantities and not feeling very healthy.

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Learning From T. Colin Campbell!

Ever since I lost weight, my mission has always been about health. I studied nutritional studies online, read many books by Dr. Greger, Dr. Fuhrman, and Dr. Campbell, among others. Each author mentioned had a big impact on the healthy way I eat today and all deserve credit in helping me lose and keep off 150 pounds.

My obsession with nutrition has made me contemplate going back to school to study nutrition. I'm not sure I want to do this as I know I won't agree with some of the nutrition courses as many of them more than likely won't acknowledge the benefits of a plant based diet. I'm sure that some of them will be biased toward animal products. I don't want to make such an investment if I don't think I'll get much out of it.

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Plant Based For A Year... Here Are Some Things I've Learned

It's exactly one year since I went completely plant based (well to be precise, September 6th). After losing 150 pounds almost 5 years ago, I didn't need to lose more weight. I had what many considered to be a healthy diet. I was eating poultry, eggs and dairy a few times a week and did get my blood pressure down and avoid medication. But I had other goals...

It's always been about health, back when I first lost weight. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables based on different articles I've read and from reading books by Dr. Fuhrman and others. I was getting more information on how animal products were not healthy. But this wasn't enough to convert me to a plant based diet. I tried vegan diets a week or two on and off for a couple years but always went back to animal products.

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