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What Is A Normal Weight? My 10 Year Weight Loss Success Story

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, what is considered too thin for most Americans is actually what’s considered normal weight. Too many overweight Americans make what looks like normal weight look too skinny in comparison.

I never give my weight any thought. After having lost 150+ pounds over 10 years ago, I just maintain. I stay the same consitent weight, I love the plant based foods I eat and I have no interest in going back to my old habits.

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It’s Official... 6 Years As A Vegan! Thanks To My Friend Robert Cheeke!

Back in August of 2016, I had plateaued. I had already lost 150 pounds eating a mostly plant based diet, but I was left with a lof of loose skin, especially around my belly. I wanted to shift things into high gear, try other methods to build more muscle to hide the excess skin. That’s when I turned to the internet, the same thing I turned to when I initially lost the weight in the first place.

I had been trying for a few years to pack on muscle but it wasn’t working that well for me at the time. My personal trainer told me to up my protein intake to a whopping 200 grams a day. He wanted me to start having whey shakes. Two things happened that caused my personal trainer’s plan to fail: first, the whey protein shake did not agree with me. It didn’t digest well and there’s no way I could continue. Second, my primary doctor told me that I could damage my liver or kidneys with such a high amount of protein. Both of those instances caused me to rethink what my personal trainer was advising.

I finally got to meet Robert Cheeke when he was at a veg fest in Boston.
I met up with Robert when he was visiting New York to promote his book Plant Based Athlete.
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Dr.Brooke Goldner Proves Auto Immune Diseases Can Be Reversed

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Brooke Goldner. I have been following her story for years and thought my podcast followers would want to learn more about her.

Dr. Goldner once had lupus, back when she was just 16 years old. Doctors would tell her it would only get worse and would shorten her life. But Dr. Goldner had a positive attitude and never let the diagnosis slow her down.

Goodbye Autoimmune Disease
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Karen Steiner... From Yoyo Dieter to Nutrition Coach

I had the pleasure of interviewing Karen Steiner recently. She was recently featured in an article in Forks Over Knives and it was an inspirational story, one that I could definitely relate to.

Karen was a yo-you dieter, something I had to deal with for years as well. I wasn’t yo-yo dieting as long as her, as she was dealing with dieting issues since her teenage years. But I know how frustrating it can be going from one diet to another. That's basically what I did throughout my twenties and part of my thirties. It wasn’t until I was closer to 40 that I woke up and stopped dieting.

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Who Would Rather Be On Meds Than Be On A plant Based Diet?

I get it, change is hard. Sometimes, it may look too daunting of a task to completely change a diet. But, once you go whole food plant based, you begin to realize it’s not a diet but a lifestyle change.

I have a few friends and family members who say they would rather not change and stick with the side effects of the meds. This is completely the opposite of the way I feel. I would rather not have to rely on a pill to keep me going, knowing that the pill is not curing the problem but only masking the symptoms.

Blood Pressure Reading of 104 over 73
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