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Get Ready For the Impactful Vegan

Robert Cheeke's upcoming book is set to launch next week, and I'm convinced it's his finest work yet. Having been deeply influenced by "Shred It!" and its companion workout journal, I've followed his literary journey closely. "The Impactful Vegan" promises to guide those already committed to veganism to the next level. For those already vegan, this book will offer invaluable insights into optimizing their lifestyle choices.

Navigating the myriad ways to reduce animal suffering can be overwhelming. Whether through charitable donations, volunteering, supporting vegan businesses, or adopting practices like Meatless Mondays, each of us wields significant power to effect change in animals' lives.

Impactful Vegan book cover
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How To Get An Athletic Pulse

I had a followup appointment with a doctor this week. The nurse did the usual checking of the pulse, blood pressure and oxygen level. She also asked a series of questions. I explained to her that all of these answers will most likely be “no”, as she asked about prescription drugs, aches or pains, you know, the typical questions all patients get asked.

So, when she moved on to checking my pulse, she asked me is my resting heart rate usually this low? The number read 44, and she said numbers are typiically above 60, to which I responded that I have an athletic pulse. She understood what that meant. I imagine there’s a lot of nurses who wouldn’t get it as they go by the Standard American guidelines. My pulse and blood pressure are ideal. But someone who does not work out or has a poor diet, their pulse might be in the 70s and considered normal.

Rich talks about his athletic pulse.
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Awesome Bloodwork, One of the Many Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Twelve years ago, I was hypertensive and pre-diabetic. I was threatened to be put on blood pressure medication. I was obese and knew I needed to change my life. I did not want to go on meds.

So, what’s the alternative? Make a lifestyle change. By adapting a plant based diet, not only did my blood pressure normalize, so did my blood sugar. I also lost 150+ pounds. I know many of you know my story already, but the reason I bring it up is because I recently had lab work for an upcoming physical.

Rich is Vegan Strong!
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Got My Certificate, Ready To Coach!

When a started my weightloss journey almost 12 years ago, I never imagined I would end up coaching others. As I strived to reverse my hypertension, I was doing what felt best for my health. I researched the best and worst foods to eat and began an exercise routine. This would help me lose 150+ pounds, reverse my hypertension and pre-diabetes and be in the best shape of my life.

Along the way, people would ask me what I did to lose weight. I also had friends or family that wanted to know how they too can get off their meds for good. I would always share what I learned. When I saw that other people were rsponding to my advice, that’s when I realized I should consider becoming a coach.

Rich receives his certificate
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Reaching A Healthy A1C Without Meds

Recently, I had some lab work (just routine lab work) and thought why not get my A1CC checked. I don’t know if I ever had it checked before. Even when I was pre-diabetic, if my doctor checked my A1C at the time, I don’t think I ever knew my number. So I thought this would be interesting.

Diabetes runs in my family, especially on my mom's side, but it is on my dad's side too. Many of you know I helped my mom reverse her diabetes to where she's no longer considered diabetic and not on any meds. Other family members have not been so fortunate and their diabetes just gets worse.

Rich’s A1C is 4.8.
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