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To All The Smokers: Quit Smoking Already!

Smokers have known about the threat of having lung cancer. That didn't scare them into quitting. Then there's breathing problems, developing COPD and other breathing conditions. Possibly developing heart disease, strokes, etc. Now there's a new threat. COVID19 patients are more likely to die if they are smokers.

In Italy, they say more men than women died of COVID19. They also say that the majority of the victims were smokers. This is a time to take our health seriously and not live on the edge in case we come in contact with COVID19.

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Coronavirus: A Look At The Positive Stories

There is a lot of negative news out there but I wanted to post the positive side of the news. It's not easy to find. Put on the TV and all you hear about are the number of deaths there are from this, how long we'll have to do social distancing, what will happen with our economy, etc. It's tough to have a positive outlook with all the negativity.

The problem is that negativity can cause stress, and stress can make us sick. You want to keep your immune system strong during times like this. That's why you need to focus on some positive news too. So here's some positive news for you to ponder.

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My Recovery Story: From Pills to Plants


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An Intervention For An Anorexic That Actually Worked!

I don't write about anorexia nervosa much as my sister had it so long that I tend to shy away from focusing on the subject too much. But I just read such an awesome story about a recovering anorexic that I had to share it. As many of you probably remember, my older sister passed away from anorexia nervosa a little over two years ago. This kind of story shows that as difficult a case as anorexia is, there is hope if people are persistent and confront the sick individual.

A case in point is Lauryn Lax. She was a member of the YMCA near Nashville, TN. The other members of the YMCA actually staged an intervention and the great thing about it is that it worked! Read about it here.

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Strength Training Update: New Exercises, Getting Stronger!

Today, I learned some new strength exercises using the Cybex Smith machine. I've seen this equipment before but never knew the name of it.

Wow, what a workout! I am sore so I know it's working! This machine is a good way to get the technique down before moving on to free weights.

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