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Strength Training Update: New Exercises, Getting Stronger!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Lifetime-Vitamins-Lifes-Basic-Pea-Protein-Chocolate-Powder.pngToday, I learned some new strength exercises using the Cybex Smith machine. I've seen this equipment before but never knew the name of it.

Wow, what a workout! I am sore so I know it's working! This machine is a good way to get the technique down before moving on to free weights.

I was doing squats, pull ups, pushups, and other exercises, all with the aid of the Cybex Smith machine. I like this workout because it modifies my routine. It's good because everyone gets used to doing the same exercises, and the results are not as good as switching it up.

My trainer thinks I need to up the protein, so I plan on having a protein shake each day. I've been using Pea Protein powder and it has all the essential amino acids. This vegan product is soy and dairy free and tastes great! I never cared for whey and I stay away from any kind of soy product. For those wondering why, read this article. The trouble with soy is they add it to so many things. This is a good reason to start reading food labels if you're not already doing so.

So will I be able to hit the beach without the loose skin? I'll have to wait and see, but I do notice that my abs feel tighter, along with my arms and legs. It's hard for me to notice visually, but I do think it's working!

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

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