No Pressure... No Diamond!

Who doesn’t love bright, shiny bling things?  Whether its diamonds, an expensive watch or highly polished sports car, most of us are attracted to and want beautiful things.

During Valentine’s month, let’s think of your health and fitness as that diamond (or whatever fanciful thing you may crave).  To create these “diamonds” it requires positive thoughts, focus, discipline and effort. 

Fortunately, in relation to improved health, there is no need for you to exert the kind of extreme pressure it takes to create a diamond.  Without pressure a potential diamond would stay a carbon.  I don’t know anyone who ever wished for coal in their Christmas stocking.

Sometimes we assume the effort to get healthier and stay that way is so intensive that we don’t try at all. Or, if maybe you had a new year’s resolution, and by Super Bowl Sunday it had collapsed into a bowl of nacho chips and a mug of beer. 

How about we change that path?  Did you ever think that sometimes these trials and miss-steps make you a better person?  They can prepare you to use your knowledge (of yourself) to lead to a different result; one of accomplishment and health improvements. 

I have witnessed amazing health and life transformations when someone opens their minds and commits to as little as one change in their life.  Pledging to take a daily walk, skip the soda and fast food, or begin a fitness DVD program can initiate the kind of self love and build a platform of pride of accomplishment that can turn your life into a treasure trove of diamonds.  Want to live a sparkly, rich and full life?  You have the power to make it happen today.  Happy heart month!

Since it’s the month of Love and Possibilities, please meet my friend, Susan Scotts, who has created the most wonderful website:  and smartphone app that I am grateful for, because sometimes I need a life lift, and now I have one in my purse!  Enjoy!


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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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