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Progressing Everywhere but the Belly!

I think a lot of people share my frustration. The belly is the toughest area to workout and I never see results there. My arms are great, my chest is looking better but this belly has gotten nowhere fast.

That is why I scheduled an abdominoplasty. I was a tough choice to make as I never wanted surgery. But I rarely spend much money on myself and I hardly ever take vacations. I know some people who take vacations and the price of it is more than an abdominoplasty.

I just cannot stand when my shirt rides up when working out. I feel I'm obese in some weird sense because I see all this flabby skin. I can't have my shirt off at the beach or swimming because I don't want people to see the skin.

But it's not about vanity. The skin can get irritating, itchy at times and it's tough to figure out what clothes to wear to hide the flab. I really just want to get it over with so that I can keep moving with my goals.

I have a lot of confidence in my doctor and I am confident that he will give me great results.

I am not overly critical of myself and am proud of what I've accomplished with my bodybuilding so far. It's too bad the abs don't respond, but I know there's a 6 pack underneath, it just isn't visible. The good news is my muscles are in good shape, so the healing will just be skin related.

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