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High Cholesterol Can Be Reversed Without Meds

If you have high cholesterol, you really have no other options than to go whole food plant based. It’s really the only way to healthfully bring your cholesterol under control.

Recently, I had routine lab work done for a physical. As expected, my cholesterol was awesome! My doctor said it was optimal. According to Dr. Greger, you want a total cholesterol under 150. Most conventional doctors think anything under 200 is OK but I trust Dr. Greger, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn and others who advise people to achieve the optimal level.

About 10 years ago, my cholesterol was around 200. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t higher. My doctor said he wanted to keep an eye on my cholesterol but hypertension was the big issue. By going whole food plant based, I not only lowered my cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes risk, I also lost 150 pounds. What statin drug can do all that?

Yes, you might have lower numbers when you have lab work done while taking statins, but that might be a false sense of security. Plus, who would want to deal with all the side effects of stains? My dad is on statins and he’s always complaining of muscle aches. I’d rather take nature’s medicine (the fruits and veggies) than go with a prescription.

Out of all the diets, I have never heard of one that lowers cholesterol better than a whole food plant based diet. If you keep the oils low, or eliminate them entirely, give up the animal products and processed food, I can almost guarantee you would see results too.

As I always say, if I can do it, anyone can.

Oh, did I mention my blood pressure was 110/72? Not bad for someone who used to have hypertension!Rich’s Lab Results

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