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My Nutrition Coaching Goals

.As most of you know, I plan to do some nutrition coaching, as I love helping people transition to a whole food plant based diet. I have seen family and friends reverse diseases with a dietary change. It would be awesome to watch others transition to a healthier lifestyle as well.I only plan to do this on a part time basis, as I’m definitely busy at my full time job and my workout routine. But Helping others overcome health issues is my way of giving back as I reversed my own issues (hypertension and pre-diabetes).

I signed up for Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutrition Coach Certificate program. When if ends in December, I plan to begin coaching. I live this lifestyle and I follow Dr. Fuhrman and other plant based doctors advice. Dr. Fuhrman's teaching have especially resonated with me. When I started my journey 11 years ago. I was morbidly obese, tipping the scales at 350+ pounds.

I tried everything to lose the weight before finally succeeding. I did high fat, low carb and everything in between, but nothing worked, It wasn’t until I started focusing on my health did the weight falls off. I still remember first learning of Dr. Fuhrman’s GBOMBS foods (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds) on an episode of Dr. Oz back in April of 2012. His message came at the right time.

I started eating those GBOMBS foods (among other plant based foods, ever since. I enjoy eating this way as my taste buds changed. I used to heavily salt my food. I don't miss the salt. I used to use aspartame, I don’t miss that either. Animals products? Definitely don’t miss them.

I feel healthier than ever, having kept my weight off and have tons of energy. I want to show others that they can do the same. I’ll keep you posted as I complete the course. Look for further announcements.

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