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Got My Certificate, Ready To Coach!

When a started my weightloss journey almost 12 years ago, I never imagined I would end up coaching others. As I strived to reverse my hypertension, I was doing what felt best for my health. I researched the best and worst foods to eat and began an exercise routine. This would help me lose 150+ pounds, reverse my hypertension and pre-diabetes and be in the best shape of my life.

Rich receives his certificateAlong the way, people would ask me what I did to lose weight. I also had friends or family that wanted to know how they too can get off their meds for good. I would always share what I learned. When I saw that other people were rsponding to my advice, that’s when I realized I should consider becoming a coach.

Some of the stories I am most proud of revolve around disease recovery. My mom was type 2 diabetic for 20 something years. She was on several meds and thought nothing of it, as she was a nurse and would give meds to her clients, so it was no big deal in her mind. Somehow, she agreed to eat whole food plant based. It took a little while, but her A1C normalized to non-diabetic numbers. She has not needed any medication since then. She also reversed her hypertension, with numbers below 120/80.

I had a friend who had severe asthma. She would take medication but she actually discovered that by dropping the dairy, her asthma improved.

I know a lot of people just think they have to be stuck with medication for life. I encourage people to work with their doctors and a nutrition coach. The doctors can safely get someone off of their meds. This is especially important if someone is trying to get off blood pressure meds.

I work full time so my coaching will be on a part time basis. Even if I can just help just a small amount of people, it’s still an incredible feeling knowing that person might be improving their quality of life.

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Joel Fuhrman for offerign the coaching course. It’s not the first time I took a coaching course. I also became a certified personal trainer back in 2014, but let the license expire. I also took Dr. T. Colin Campbell's nutrition coaching course back in 2017. All of these experiences will help as I start this journey.

Be on the lookout for announcements! I hope to begin coaching soon!

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