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My 7 Year Vegan Anniversary

Robert Cheeke and I met up in New York City last year.Today marks my 7th anniversary as a vegan. Yes, I was plant based since 2012, but I ate minimal animal products like turkey or yogurt up until September of 2016.

I credit my vegan brother Robert Cheeke for helping me transition. The 13 week workout journal did the trick. After the 13 weeks, I never wanted to go back to animal products.

I was aware of the animal mistreatment, but I ignored it prior to going vegan. My eyes were open and there was no going back to my old habits. The animals and the environmental issues are too big to ignore.

That’s not to say I don’t do it for health. My health is very important to me, which is why I am whole food plant based, along with being vegan. I feel better than ever with my lifestyle and my hope is that when I begin coaching, I can help even more people transition to a vegan or plant based lifestyle.

Thank you to my friend Robert Cheeke for publishing a 13 week workout journal. Who would ever think such a thing as a workout journal would help someone change their lifestyle. I’m sure Robert has no idea how many people he has helped, either directly or indirectly. But now that I’m vegan, I can’t imagine eating any other way!

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