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A Reminder On Why I Am Plant Based

Rich working out at the gymAbout a month ago, I had my annual physical That included lab work, blood pressure check, listening to my chest with a stethoscope, etc. 

Eleven years ago, my physical was very different, asI was morbidly obese and had hypertension. This year, my blood pressure was 110/68 and my lab work was awesome!

My success in losing 150 pounds is a testament to the power of a whole food plant-based diet. By consuming a diet rich in plant-based foods, I was able to achieve sustained weight loss without the need for fad diets or restrictive eating patterns.

Furthermore, my success in reversing hypertension through a whole food plant-based diet is notable. Hypertension is a common health condition that can lead to serious complications if left untreated. By following a plant-based diet, I was able to improve my blood pressure to the point medication was off the table. I made a deal with my doctor that if I lost the weight and my blood pressure came down, I can avoid the meds. Here I am 11 years later and no meds!

It's important to note that my plant-based diet was well-planned to ensure that all nutrient needs are met. A variety of plant-based foods should be incorporated to ensure that you are getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein. Some plant-based foods, such as soy products, legumes, and nuts, are good sources of protein, while leafy greens and fortified foods can provide essential vitamins and minerals.

My lab work results are a testament to the effectiveness of a whole food plant-based diet in supporting overall health. By consuming a diet rich in plant-based foods, I was able to achieve optimal lab work numbers, indicating that my body is functioning at its best.

My dedication to consuming a diet rich in plant-based foods has provided my body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best, while also reducing the risk of chronic diseases. I will continue to prioritize my health through healthy eating and lifestyle changes! I could never go back to the standard American diet... I feel too healthy to go back to that lifestyle!

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