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Dr.Brooke Goldner Proves Auto Immune Diseases Can Be Reversed

Goodbye Autoimmune DiseaseI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Brooke Goldner. I have been following her story for years and thought my podcast followers would want to learn more about her.

Dr. Goldner once had lupus, back when she was just 16 years old. Doctors would tell her it would only get worse and would shorten her life. But Dr. Goldner had a positive attitude and never let the diagnosis slow her down.

She stumbled upon a “cure” by accident, when she wanted to lose weight for her upcoming wedding. She restricted her calorie intake to raw plant based foods only and within weeks, began to feel better. Eventually, the lab work didn't show any signs of lupus. She has been lupus free for well over 16 years.

It just shows the power of a whole food plant based diet, time and time again. The body wants to be healthy, but you need to give it the proper fuel to recover. If you keep injuring your body daily, how can it ever get a chance to recover. A plant based diet is your body’s best chance at reversing disease. By eating an over abundance of healthy greens and omega 3 rich plant sources, along with drinking enough water, your body can heal.  

It’s not just auto immune diseases either. Dr. Dean Ornish proved back in the 90’s that heart disease can be reversed with a plant based diet. I know my own hypertension and pre-diabetes reversed after losing 150 pounds on a plant based diet. Actually, I don't like calling it a diet... it’s a lifestyle change. A diet is only temporary, but a lifestyle change will keep you on the path to better health.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Goldner's hyper nourishment program or for more information, go to

Check out my interview below with Dr. Brooke Goldner!

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