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Who Would Rather Be On Meds Than Be On A plant Based Diet?

Blood Pressure Reading of 104 over 73I get it, change is hard. Sometimes, it may look too daunting of a task to completely change a diet. But, once you go whole food plant based, you begin to realize it’s not a diet but a lifestyle change.

I have a few friends and family members who say they would rather not change and stick with the side effects of the meds. This is completely the opposite of the way I feel. I would rather not have to rely on a pill to keep me going, knowing that the pill is not curing the problem but only masking the symptoms.

I know that some people need medication no matter what. There are those few that are whole food plant based, and despite having no oil, salt and sugar, their blood pressure readings still remain high. Those individuals will need medication and that’s totally understandable. What bothers me is those who don’t even want to try and see if a plant based diet will lower their blood pressure, lower their cholesterol, whatever the case may be. One friend recently told me she hates the taste of plants so bad, she’d rather take the meds.

I think people have preconceived ideas on how WFPB diets taste without even giving it a chance. If you think it’s going to not taste good, you should try a few easy recipes anyway... you will most likely surprise yourself. When I went plant based, I was never one who hated vegetables; I just didn’t eat enough of them. If you’re someone who doesn’t like them at all, my suggestion is to find just a few things you do like in the plant kingdom and eat more of them. Then, just gradually increase to other veggies you think you’d like to try.

Processed foods are highly addictive. Cheese was a very tough habit to break. Candy is always around in offices, friend’s houses, etc. It takes work to get to the point where these foods don’t even look good anymore. I know my taste buds completely shifted, where I would much rather have a piece of fruit than candy any day! I never would have imagined I would change. The thing is, for those on the fence, you need to stop looking at the whole picture and take it one day at a time.

I think it overwhelms the mind when you say things like “I can never eat a burger (or chicken or pizza) ever again”. Instead, thinking shorter term goals makes things seem less overwhelming that when your taste buds change over the course of 2 weeks, you won’t even want to go back to your old way of eating.

After 10 years of eating this way, I took a blood pressure reading today to remind myself why this is the best way to eat for health. The monitor read 104 over 73. Imagine, this was with no meds! Just awesome!

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