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I’m Finally Getting My Mercury Fillings Removed

A few months ago, I happened to catch a video on the dangers of having amalgam (mercury) fillings in your mouth. I first became aware of the issues with the fillings in a video I saw. Dr. Kelly J. Blodgett, a holistic dentist out of Oregon was talking about some of the health risks associated with having mercury in the mouth. One issue is the fillings are incredibly close to the brain. Another issue is that if you have amalgam fillings, you are most likely breathing in mercury vapors whenever you brush your teeth, eat something hard, etc.

I decided to do a consultation with a dentist here in Connecticut. Dr. Mark Breiner owns “Whole Body Dentistry” and is what you call a biological dentist. He believes the teeth are in the same meridian as certain organs in your body. Basically, everything is connected. If someone has a pain and a doctor can't figure it out, it might be related to a tooth issue. He said one story of someone who was having pain in their tailbone. He figured out it was a tooth causing the issue. Once the tooth was fixed, the patient’s pain went away.

I was one of his first patients that didn’t have a lot of health issues when going to see him. My interest in getting the mercury removed is sort of an insurance policy, a way to hopefully avoid problems down the road.

Dr. Breiner also discussed the dangers of fluoride. In doing so, I ditched my fluoride toothpaste and got a carbon filter for the water. You know what I noticed? I no longer get burns on the side of my mouth that I used to frequently get. The dermatologist thought it was maybe a food alergy. As soon as I stopped the toothpaste, no more burns!

I researched further about fluoride and found it can cause osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. My dad has severe osteoporosis and severe osteoarthritis. My knee started having swelling issues a few years ago. I do not want to do anything that would cause any damage to my knees. I’m not worried about getting cavities without it. Ask yourself, did our ancestors need fluoride to keep their teeth clean? Plus, I do not eat the processed junk food so I don”t expect to get any more tooth decay.

But back to the mercury fillings. Dr. Breiner removed 5 fillings and replaced them with porcelain. I was expecting side effects but it was only a little bit of fatigue the first day. I am detoxing with extra cilantro and chlorella to play it safe.

A word of caution though. If you choose to have your amalgams removed, make sure you go to a holistic dentist. They will do all the precautions to keep you healthy. Dr. Breiner used a special vacuum that was by my mouth, a special drill that broke the fillings into large chunks, rather than a standard drill that would turn them into a powder. He used a rubber dam to keep my from swallowing anything harmful. I wore an oxygen mask as well. The dentist and the assistant were also fully protected.

I have no regrets about getting the fillings replaced. Dr. Breiner said my health will be a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10... and that’s what it’s all about for me, health!

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