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10 Years Since My Life Changing Physical

In a few weeks, it will be exactly ten years since I had my first physical since before college. That one physical altered my life from that moment on.

Many of you know my story, but it seems appropriate to remind my readers of why this appointment was so critical. I was morbidly obese, weighing in at well over 350 pounds. i was not taking care of myself, having neuropathy in my feet, feeing exhausted, having headaches, etc. I knew the doctor would tell me I had health issues and I did not want to know. I was pushed into this physical because the state of Connecticut was requiring it for workers who wanted to have cheaper premiums. I decided to finally face my fears and do the physical.

The doctor confirmed I was pre-hypertensive, possibly pre-diabetic and high cholesterol. He wanted to put me on meds for the blood pressure for the next appointment. As many of you know, I made a deal with him to lose weight and see if the blood pressure would come down before going on meds... and it worked! 10 years later, I am still med free, with blood pressure readings around 110/70.

What got my healthy? A whole food plant based diet, discovering Dr. Joel Fuhrman that first year, and eating GBOMBS foods every day since (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds). I would not trade this way of eating for any amount of money. The health benefits are too awesome to not keep it up.

Over the past years since then, look what I’ve accomplished as a whole food plant based ethical vegan... I ran two half marathons. I became a bodybuilder, having built muscle better than when I consumed animal products. I wrote my first book.

I am forever grateful for this way of eating and to doctors like Fuhrman, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neil Barnard, and all the other awesome plant based doctors out there. I don’t know where I’d be without the knowledge they shared. Most likely I’d be 300+ pounds, still eating burgers and pizza on 10 different meds. I would much rather eat plants and be healthy... and also save some animals lives too!

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