The Health Benefits of Being Plant Based Are Undeniable!

So much focus is centered on weight loss, I wanted to blog about the other reasons to go whole food plant based, that being the health benefits. There are a lot of amazing stories out there and I thought I would share my own personal experience eating this way for better health.

Before I lost the weight, I was on so many yo-yo diets but nothing ever worked. I was unhealthy with hypertension and most likely pre-diabetes. I was going down a path of being on meds like so many in my family. I did not want to be like my parents, constantly making sure I had all my medication with me, worrying about side effects, etc.

When I first started my weight loss journey, it was about the need to lower my blood pressure without meds. I researched the foods to eat that would lower blood pressure. In the process, I was really shifting into whole food plant based eating, although I didn't know it at the time. Back then, prior to going completely vegan, I ate tons of veggies. The little chicken or turkey I consumed was so overcrowded with the healthy nutrients from the fruits and veggies that I lowered my blood pressure and my blood sugar was normal.

I was gradually turning to healthy foods and the week long vegan challenges helped. Although I was feeling great, I still would get colds that would last for longer durations. In September of 2016 I became completely plant based. The results? Health improvements that I never even thought of.

My gums have improved. They used to bleed so badly when the hygienist would clean my teeth. I don't believe I've had a single cavity since going plant based.

Not that I ever had much acne, but I used to get pimples on my face every now and them. I can honestly say my skin has improved a lot since 2016. I also no longer have eczema on my hands. I remember how scratchy and dry they would get. It's not like I'm using lotion now... it just cleared up on it's own.

I also notice I don't get the canker sores I used to get in my mouth every couple months. I didn't even think about it until the other day. I remember what an annoyance they could be and was thinking, hey I don't seem to get them anymore!

I think overall, being plant based can help with depression. I think I was depressed when I was heavy, although it was never too bad. But eating this way definitely improves the mood!

So if you are looking to go plant based, know that there are a lot of benefits beyond weight loss. Other diets like keto will not give you the health benefits, although they will result in weight loss too. But it's more than about weight loss, it's about quality of life. I would rather have energy and feel great than to have clogged arteries from all the fatty foods and lack of carbohydrates in other diets.

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