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Two Challenges And A Personal Trainer Course

I'm going to be busy this fall. In addition to my job, I'm in two different fitness challenges and taking a Personal Trainer course. They all start around the same time.

The challenge I'm in for the Bridgeport Regional Business Counsel starts tomorrow and runs for eight weeks. You might recall that I walked over a million steps for the challenge a couple years ago. The challenge should be a breeze for me as I'm doing a lot of walking anyway. This way, I have a chance to win simply by doing what I already do anyway.

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Progress Report: Getting Muscular!

It's been a couple weeks, so I thought I would show what my arms look like as I continue the strength training. I think my arms and my legs look in great shape… I still need work on my abs.

I've been hitting the weights five times a week as my trainer gave me tougher workout routine this time around. I work different muscle groups every other day, with two days off from the strength training. I'll see him again on Monday for a new workout routine. In addition, he's planning on checking the body fat percentage. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Interview with Matt Manning… Amazing Transformation that Won Him $50,000 by losing 40lbs in 12 Weeks

Matt Manning made the national news a month or so ago, when he won $50,000 in a contest. I contacted him because I wanted to learn more about his incredible transformation and how he did it. He agreed to do an interview for the blog. I thought his story could inspire others who think they can't get in shape because of age, work or other issues. Matt proves that with hard work and determination, you can transform your body and improve your health.

Matt's story inspires me on a personal level as I'm trying to tighten my skin with the strength training. He didn't have as much weight to lose as I did, and I know my skin was stretched out for many more years than his. But still, it gives me hope that maybe I too will have tighter abs after all this weight loss.

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Strength Training Update: Intense!

My training is getting more challenging! My personal trainer brought up the intensity today and it was INTENSE! Before we began the session he told me it was going to be a tough workout… he wasn't kidding.

Before starting the workout, my trainer checked my diet from the food journal I use. He didn't have much to recommend that I change with the exception of getting some more protein. I think he's impressed with my diet as he told me he tried a vegan based protein powder as opposed to the usual whey protein he's been having.

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Help fight breast cancer with Linda's Walk For Hope!

My name is Ashley Boaté and I was crowned Miss Connecticut United States 2014 on December 15th, 2013.

I plan to spend my year promoting people to get active and how important it is for your health. Breast cancer has affected both sides of my family. I personally had breast surgery for a "suspicious" abnormality at a young age and recently had another scare last year. It was proven that women who get regular exercise may have a lower risk of getting breast cancer than women who are inactive.

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