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Strength Training Update: Intense!

Strength Training Update: Intense!

My training is getting more challenging! My personal trainer brought up the intensity today and it was INTENSE! Before we began the session he told me it was going to be a tough workout… he wasn't kidding.

Before starting the workout, my trainer checked my diet from the food journal I use. He didn't have much to recommend that I change with the exception of getting some more protein. I think he's impressed with my diet as he told me he tried a vegan based protein powder as opposed to the usual whey protein he's been having.

After he went over the nutrition, it was time to workout. This particular workout he was showing me was for today only. After this workout, I continue with my normal workout, working out different muscle groups on certain days. I don't think I could keep the intensity up if he asked me to do the workout from today for the week!

I began doing wall climbing… something I've never tried before in my life! I was amazed that I could do it! That's one thing about these workouts, I'm surprised that my body is able to do each workout. As my trainer keeps telling me, it's important to keep changing the workout routine.

Aside from the wall climbing, he had me doing jump squats with cables, inverted rows, burpees, climbing stairs for two minutes, running a half a mile on the treadmill, stick crunches plus two other abdominal workouts using the medicine ball, running in place and others. I feel like I was doing training for the military!

My weight has come down a few pounds, but my trainer says it's nothing to worry about. As the fat turns to muscle, it's expected that the weight would go down a few pounds. I notice my chest and legs are a lot tighter and I think I have very little fat in them. My arms still need more muscle and my abs still need work. It's getting there though! I'll keep working hard! My body fat percentage wasn't checked today. I'll let you know what the percentage is the next time it's checked.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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