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Remember To Stay Safe When Shoveling

I know a lot of people are beginning to shovel the huge mounds of snow, especially in eastern Connecticut. I thought I'd remind everyone to stay safe this winter and make sure you use common sense when shoveling.

Remember to take short breaks, don't do too much at once and don't lift too heavy, especially if you are not used to lifting. Remember that snow can get very heavy! Make sure to lift with your legs, not your back.

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Strength Training Update: Here's Some Pictures!

The other day, I wrote that I planned to upload some photos soon. I wanted to show the progress with my training. My arms and legs feel as if they are a lot stronger and I'm hoping it shows. There was a lot of skin to tighten but I think I'm progressing nicely, hopefully, you will agree!

These photos were taken by my friend, professional photographer Jay Torsiello. Visit his website when you get a chance. He does some awesome work!

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And Won We Did!

"And Won!" was our team name from the beginning of the challenge and we had that goal in mind. My teammate Janet Perusse and I won the Northwest CT Fitness Commitment Challenge! It was a long battle this fall, but we came out on top!

Janet really worked hard and lost an incredible 16 pounds during the challenge. Of course, my goal wasn't about weight loss but rather to lower my body fat percentage. We both reached our goals!

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Body Fat Percentage Down Again!

I've been working hard, so I knew the numbers would be down when my personal trainer checked my body fat percentage. In my quest for a tighter belly, my trainer wants my body fat percentage lower… the only way to tighten without a tummy tuck.

I did the calculations based on the measurements and it came out to be 13.95 percent! The last time my trainer checked me, it was 15.03. This means, I'm getting much closer to my goal.

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Pre Hypertensive? Think About Whether You Really Need Medication

I went to see my doctor today for a scheduled appointment. He likes for me to check in every 6 months or so. The nurse went through the usual checklist of conditions, all of which I answered with "no" (diabetes, aches, pains, etc.). She checked my weight and it's in the same range.

The best part of the appointment was when the nurse took my blood pressure. About two and a half years ago, I was prehypertensive, on the verge of going on medication. As you might recall, I told my doctor I wanted to hold off on medication to see if losing weight would bring my blood pressure back to normal.

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