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Making Health A Priority

My dad and step mom have been visiting the past week. I went with them as they visited a number of family and friends. One thing I observed is I do not ever want to end up like so many in my family. This is why my healthy whole food plant based lifestyle is a priority.

First of all, my dad has giant cell arteritis. He is on steroids and a monthly injection. He gets tired easily and has to deal with chronic aches and pains.This is an inflammatory condition. My gut instinct is that he could feel a lot better if he were to adapt a plant based lifestyle, but he has no intention of changing.

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Had My First Physical In Almost Two Years...

I always get nervous when I see the doctor. I don't know why either. I should have been super confident walking in the office today as I know I take good care of my body. I eat the right foods, exercise 5 days a week, get a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, don't smoke, etc. But yet, I always get anxiety over seeing the doctor.

Over four years ago, I avoided the doctor every chance I got. I didn't have a job that required physicals every two years. As a result, I avoided physicals for years. I was severely obese, pre-hypertensive and probably pre-diabetic. I wish I had my lab work done back then. I would have loved to have compared the numbers back then to what they are now! The only thing I can confirm about my health four years ago was that I was pre-hypertensive. When I read the symptoms of pre-diabetes, I'm almost certain I was.

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An Eating Plan For A Flat Belly

In a few weeks, I'm having my body fat percentage checked again at the Southern CT State University. I've been working hard, but besides all the working out, I also eat very clean. They say it's essential to eat nutritious food and no junk food if you're trying to get to 10 percent body fat, as I am. The only way I'll get there is an eating plan that promotes muscle growth and keeps my weight in check.

I don't think I've touched upon the typical foods that I eat, so I thought I would blog about it for those that want to know. The foods are primarily from Dr. Fuhrman's list of suggested foods for the Nutritarian plan, but with some additions. Many of these foods I've researched the past few years and have them on a regular basis because of the important nutrients in them.

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Nutritarin... A Healthy Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

I first became aware of Dr. Fuhrman about three and a half years ago, when he made an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show. I had already lost a lot of weight but hadn't reached my goal yet.

I was searching for foods that would promote good health as I wanted to lower my blood pressure without prescription drugs. Dr. Fuhrman's nutritional plan provided foods that I incorporated in my diet everyday.

First, I'd like to get away from the word "diet". I think of a diet as a temporary fix, never a permanent solution to maintain a healthy weight. In order to sustain healthy weight loss, without risk of gaining it all back, you have to have a lifestyle change. For me, that meant giving up overly processed, sugary foods and replacing them with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

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Green Smoothies

I've been eating healthy foods for over three years now. Mostly vegetables and fruit with minimal turkey, chicken and eggs. I do get a lot of nutrients from the food choices I make, but from what I've been reading, making smoothies gives you the ability to absorb even more nutrients. I figured it would be worth a try.

Last week, I made my first smoothie with broccoli and cauliflower. I thought it tasted disgusting, to be honest. I love eating broccoli and cauliflower whole, but juicing them was not a good idea. Maybe it was the way I made them, maybe I didn't add enough ingredients.

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