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Body Fat Percentage Down Again!

Body Fat Percentage Down Again!

I've been working hard, so I knew the numbers would be down when my personal trainer checked my body fat percentage. In my quest for a tighter belly, my trainer wants my body fat percentage lower… the only way to tighten without a tummy tuck.

I did the calculations based on the measurements and it came out to be 13.95 percent! The last time my trainer checked me, it was 15.03. This means, I'm getting much closer to my goal.

In order to achieve a lower body fat percentage, my trainer advised me to cut my calories from 3200 to about 2500. I know I eat a lot of calories, but it's all healthy, clean food, and I burn a lot of calories. I'm going to try different breakfasts… instead of the flax chia seed cereal that I usually eat, he suggested eggs. I'll give that a try as I know eggs are an excellent source of protein. I think eggs have gotten a bad rep and it doesn't seem to raise cholesterol, at least in the latest studies I've seen.

He changed my workout routine. I'm keeping with the weights, doing more abdominal exercises with a band and some strength exercises with the machines. He wants me to build up my quadriceps in my legs. The hamstrings are strong, but the quads are developing at a slower pace.

I knew my abs were tightening some… as I reviewed my chart from March, my abs have dropped 14 mm! I'm getting there!

I'll continue to work at it. At least I know I'm on the right track and eventually, my abs should be ripped!

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

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