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It's Been Two Years Since I Lost The Weight!

Losing weight is one thing, but many people forget about the maintenance after losing weight. So many dieters end up gaining the weight as they go back to old habits and eating the wrong foods. I'm proud to say that since early December of 2012, I've been maintaining the same weight of about 212 pounds.

Yes, it's gone up a few pounds every now and then, but it basically is in the same range. It's been quite a journey losing the weight. I wasn't prepared for all the talk about my weight loss from people around town. It's died down now as everyone is used to me at this weight, but every once in a while I'll run into someone that didn't know I lost weight and of course they're usually amazed at the transformation.

Most people who lose the weight don't have to hear the line "don't lose too much". But I had a sister who suffered from anorexia, so those that knew that would worry that I would keep losing weight. By staying the same weight for so long now, it doesn't seem to be a concern for others anymore. For that, I'm grateful!

I lost my weight for health reasons. I wanted to lower my blood pressure to avoid medication. I wanted to avoid diabetes that runs in my family. I didn't want to be out of breath any time I used the stairs.

The only thing I never gave any thought to until after I lost the weight was the loose skin around my abs. That's gradually tightening, but I do wish I started the strength training while I was losing the weight.

Here's a reminder of how far I've come… Wow, was I heavy!


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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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