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My Nutrition Coaching Goals

.As most of you know, I plan to do some nutrition coaching, as I love helping people transition to a whole food plant based diet. I have seen family and friends reverse diseases with a dietary change. It would be awesome to watch others transition to a healthier lifestyle as well.I only plan to do this on a part time basis, as I’m definitely busy at my full time job and my workout routine. But Helping others overcome health issues is my way of giving back as I reversed my own issues (hypertension and pre-diabetes).

I signed up for Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutrition Coach Certificate program. When if ends in December, I plan to begin coaching. I live this lifestyle and I follow Dr. Fuhrman and other plant based doctors advice. Dr. Fuhrman's teaching have especially resonated with me. When I started my journey 11 years ago. I was morbidly obese, tipping the scales at 350+ pounds.

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Staying at a Healthy Weight

The other day, when I was in a store, someone approached me that I hadn’t seen in a while. We used to go to the same gym. He said “you need to gain some weight, you’re getting too skinny.” This stunned me as I am the same weight I’ve been for the past 5 years, having leveled off at around 195 pounds. At 6'3" tall, this seems like my ideal weight. It made me think of what Dr. Fuhrman said many times. The average American has no idea what a normal weight looks like.

I just looked up what my BMI (Body Mass Index) is and it’s at 24.5. This is actually a little high, not that I want to get a BMI any lower. This seems to be where my body wants to be, as I eat Nutritarian foods. When you eat fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, you get a variety of nutrients and your body gets what it needs to keep going at a steady weight. I do not worry about losing weight or gaining weight. When I was obese, I feared I would never stop gaining. It actually feels like freedom knowing I don’t have to worry about weight gain (or loss).

Rich H.
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What Is A Normal Weight? My 10 Year Weight Loss Success Story

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, what is considered too thin for most Americans is actually what’s considered normal weight. Too many overweight Americans make what looks like normal weight look too skinny in comparison.

I never give my weight any thought. After having lost 150+ pounds over 10 years ago, I just maintain. I stay the same consitent weight, I love the plant based foods I eat and I have no interest in going back to my old habits.

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From Lazy To Loving Fitness

When I was heavy, I would dread the thought of going to the gym. Just thinking about it would make me break out in a sweat!

I would work out but would get nowhere. As I eventually discovered, weight loss is like 90 percent what food you eat and only like 10 percent exercise.

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It's Now Six Years of Sustained Weight Loss!

When I started my “diet” almost seven years ago, it wasn’t about the weight but about my health. That was the difference between this weight loss attempt and all the other diets I did previously. I never made a serious attempt that stuck until the lifestyle change I made.

When I think of how bad I ate over 7 years ago, I think in amazement how far I came since them. I would think nothing of chowing down on several Egg McMuffins or several burgers at McDonald’s. Today... I have no cravings for such foods.

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