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From Lazy To Loving Fitness

When I was heavy, I would dread the thought of going to the gym. Just thinking about it would make me break out in a sweat!

I would work out but would get nowhere. As I eventually discovered, weight loss is like 90 percent what food you eat and only like 10 percent exercise.

I remember going to the gym and walking like 3 MPH on the treadmill for like 20 minutes. Of course, weight loss didn't happen. I was eating thousands more calories than I should have. What was I thinking?

Here I was in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, not working hard enough and slowly getting medical conditions like hypertension and pre-diabetes. People would advise me but I needed to make changes on my own.

It was because of my own research that I became whole food plant based. When I cut out the processed foods back in 2012, I immediately had more energy. This was the energy that helped me get to hour long runs on the treadmill that first year. If I continued to eat the hot dogs, pizza and candy bars, I would have never got to where I am today.

Now, I actually enjoy working out. Like so many of my friends, I love the feeling of running. I love the fact that I'm able to run! I love the fact that I can build muscle without the need for meat.

Working out 5 days a week can be grueling, but at least I don't dread it like I once did. And I don't hate the stairs, something I used to get out of breath just looking at it. It matters what food you put in your body. If you eat a lot of garbage processed foods, your body will feel like garbage, sluggish and not wanting to move. If you feed your body plants, your body will heal and give you energy to go about your day without having to need caffeine!

Running For Health Not Speed
Still Running, Although Concentrating On Strength

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