Still Running, Although Concentrating On Strength

I blogged a few weeks ago how I was going to focus on strength training as I want to build more muscle. That is still the goal but I do have a few smaller races coming up. At the end of this month, I will do a 5K, which should be easy for me. Next month, there's a 10K race in my hometown. I'm doing these races more for fun and to make sure I still get some running in.

My workout routine has been concentrating on lifting more weights. I'm still doing 5 days a week, but not as much cardio as I had been doing. I still do cardio each day, but less time. I know the more cardio I do, the more weight I'll lose and the less muscle I will build.

My chest has some loose skin from my weight loss. I did a tummy tuck last year and have no intention of doing surgery for my chest. Besides, my chest is not that bad. All the consultations I've done, the surgeons said the scarring would be far worse than the loose skin I have. Besides, they all agreed, with more muscle, my skin should tighten in that area.

I am planning to change up my strength workout as it's good to mix up the routine. I'm also eating plenty of protein rich foods too. I'm not protein deprived but I do need enough to build and repair my muscles. I'm eating lots of lentils, chick peas, pumpkin seeds and smoothies that include a wide variety of veggies. I never bother to count my protein intake but I do notice my muscles have been responding so far.

I'm planning on going to the beach next month when on vacation. It will be nice to not feel self conscious on the beach without my shirt. I never took off my shirt, even when I lost the weight as I hated the skin on my belly.

So back to the running. I do plan to run each week, but for shorter durations for now. I plan on going longer distances when I feel I've built enough muscle.

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