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When Weight Lifting, Always Use Good Form

I should listen to my own advice. As someone who got my certificate in personal training, I should know better. But the other day, I had a reminder of how important proper form is... I got back pain. Thankfully, it has since healed but it served as a good learning experience, but a painful one too.

I was actually doing upward rows, not the deadlift that so many people seem to injure their backs with. I was trying to hurry and I also was going a bit too heavy. Instead of slowing down and taking some weight off, I pushed myself and because it was too heavy, threw off my form. The result? I felt my muscle in my back pull. I knew it wasn't good but I felt alright the rest of the day. It wasn't until the next day that I noticed the pain.

Luckily, the pain wasn't constant, but it was extreme whenever I stood up. I felt like I was all stiff and couldn't move too well for a few minutes. Once on my feet for more than a e few minutes, I was fine and able to walk no problem. The key to feeling good with this kind of back pain was to never sit down... but I have an office job so that's not a possibility.

Anyway, I did some stretching, put on some Icy Hot and after three days, it feels better! I don't regret doing it as it served as an important lesson. Weight lifting needs concentration; it's not something to rush through. Trying to just get it over with is bound to cause mistakes.

One thing I've always stressed to others is to keep their proper form and don't do weight that's more than they can handle. Guess I'll have to follow my own advice.

I attribute my healthy plant based eating and rest for the quick recovery... and staying away from the gym for a few days. I worked out today without issue... and applied the principles I discussed in this article and feel great!

I don't want to be like the people I hear so often about who have chronic pain. I am lucky to have my health and feeling good, which is why I want to make sure I always use the right techniques when lifting.

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