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Vegan Muscle Building Again

It’s been a while since I blogged but I’ve been busy. I’m back to my normal workout schedule. Ever since resuming the gym in March, I have been focusing on regaining the muscle I feel I lost by not going to the gym

As I stated in my book, I know I will never be a competitive bodybuilder. I’m built more like a runner, and I do love doing cardio. But muscle is important, especially to keep my chest and arms tight after my weight loss. Lifting weights also keeps my bones strong.

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Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

I know some people who lost weight but they end up putting the weight back on. My heart breaks for them. I can’t imagine going through a weight loss journey only to gain the weight again. When I lost the weight and lost an incredible 120 pounds the first year, I was worried I would gain it back, but not too worried.

As I wrote in my book, I lost the weight with a lifestyle change. I don’t think it’s possible to have sustainable weight loss without a lifestyle change. The two have to go together.

Rich's Before and After
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Get Ready For Veganuary

I was late at announcing a vegan challenge but still wanted to do one for the month of January. I know a lot of people over indulge during the holidays and January provides the perfect timeline for getting in better shape.

I remember all too well how the holidays were for me when I was over 350 pounds. All the cookies, desserts and meals... it can amount to thousands of extra calories. And it typically starts right around Thanksgiving and lasts until New Year’s Day.

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The Virtual Manchester Road Race Done

Last year, I did the Manchester Road Race for the first time. This race is well known internationally and gets thousands of participants on Thanksgiving Day.

I didn't do as well as I could have last year. I came in at 50:55. My knee was bothering me that day. I really shouldn't have run. I completed the race and by the time I got home, my knee was hot and swollen. Eventually, it got to the point that I couldn't put any weight on it. It was also gradually getting more painful, to the point it was excruciating. I ended up calling the ambulance to go to the ER.

Rich completes the Manchester Road Race
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Preparing For A Half Marathon

For the weekend of Sept. 17th through the 20th, the Fairfield Half Marathon that I participated in last year will go virtual, due to the virus. I plan to participate, most likely on Sept. 18 or 19.

I have been running a lot these past few months. I’ve been doing a lot of speed running on the treadmill, getting to 4 miles in a half an hour for the first time last month. I have also been doing some incline work on the treadmill as I don’t do so well on hills. I think I’m in great shape for the run.

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