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Plant Based Workouts

It’s more than about muscle, vegan gains has to do with health. For me, my plant based journey is always about my health, just as much as it is for the welfare of animals. I feel equally passionate about both. So this shirt is one of my favorite shirts to wear at the gym. As you can tell, it got a lot of wear and tear!

I want others to know how good being plant based feels, how muscle growth can be achieved, how weight loss is possible, how having energy to compete is races is easier on a plant based diet. I have been plant based for 9 years now, but completely one hundred percent vegan since September of 2016. I have never regretted it as I feel better than ever. I was not feeling great when I was 350 pounds, as you can imagine.

My workouts are way easier being plant based. I work hard 5 days a week. I also plan on doing a 6 mile walk in a few weeks, my first “race” since the pandemic. I’m raising funds for the cause as it goes to a cancer fund for Litchfield County. If you are interested, please click here.

Muscle growth slowed during the pandemic. I didn’t go to the gym for 6 months. I did remain active and my doctor told me I was one of the few patients he had that didn’t gain the “COVID 30”. I kept fit but missed the weights. I have been adding more protein rich foods as I actually want to gain a few pounds of muscle (who’d ever thought!). But I am happy with the results so far.

Running was on the back burner for a few months due to a knee injury. As I recovered, I got into using the elliptical at the gym. Now I find I love the elliptical. I will get back to running though as I do miss it.

I am not like most of the athletes at my gym. I’m not loading up on protein powders everyday, as I would rather get my protein from real food. I also make sure I eat protein rich foods after my workouts like seitan and now tofu (something I didn’t start eating until this year). It is very easy to have enough protein. If you find you are not gaining enough muscle, do as I am and increase your calories.

I continue to wear my vegan shirts at the gym. It’s a great conversation starter from athletes who think they need their steak for muscle. I have educated many people once they learn I am vegan!

6 Mile Walk/Run Tomorrow!
The Plant-Based Athlete: A Game-Changing Approach ...

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