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Weight Gain Is Never A Worry

Rich took this photo after a recent workout.Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all heard talk about how people gained weight while eating processed foods and not exercising. I was one of the few to stay consistent throughout the entire pandemic. At a recent physical, my doctor was surprised to say I didn’t gain any weight during the last year. Nearly every one of his patients had gained weight.

I recently checked my weight at the local gym. I hardly ever step on the scale but thought, let’s see what it reads. 198 pounds... this is consistent to the weight I lost while doing all that running and marathons. Even with an injured knee and not going at cardio the way I was 6 months ago, my weight stayed the same.

I found that by eating whole food plant based, I never have to count calories. Do you know how awesome it feels to not worry about overeating? I come from a past of yo-yo dieting. I used to count calories. Initially, when I first lost the weight 8.5 years ago, I was using MyFitnessPal, an online food journal. I ditched that tool as well as I didn’t need it. Online food journals are more like training wheels. Once you know how to eat properly, you will no longer need to keep track.

I don’t just eat lower calorie foods either. I consume avocado, nuts and seeds daily. I feel I thrive on these foods. For those that are worried about type 2 diabetes, check with your doctor. Some people find higher unsaturated fats in their diets can increase their blood sugar. But I think my metabolism is so fast, exercising 5 days a week, I think I need the extra fat, and it is the healthy fat!

I never thought I would be at a point where I don’t need to worry about gaining weight. I eat a lot too, especially with strength training. The food is always healthy though. I will never opt for quick protein foods to gain muscle. I’m doing nicely, gaining at my own pace with plant based foods.

If you are looking for a “diet” that will allow you to eat a lot of food and keep your energy up, look no further than a whole food plant based diet. It really is the best route to take for sustaining weight loss in the healthiest way possible.

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