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You're Vegan? So Do You Eat Eggs (or Fish or Chicken)?

The one common thing everyone who's plant based or vegan will hear is "do you even eat fish (or eggs, or chicken, or whatever other animal product people perceive as harmless)".

Why is it so hard for people to accept that plant based means no animal products?

Despite all the evidence showing that animal products can lead to heart disease and other diseases, most people act like we are depriving our bodies of some valuable nutrient. The idea of not even incorporating certain foods shows how misunderstood this diet can be.

I don't know if any other diet brings out the supposed "nutrition experts" than a plant based diet. Often, people will suddenly think you are protein deprived or that you are iron deficient. You choose the nutrient, somehow the average person will think we lack that nutrient.

I do hope as more people adapt to a plant based diet, the perceptions change and people realize that we don't need eggs (or chicken or dairy, etc.). If the number of vegans are on the rise, maybe the average person will understand that we are thriving and not lacking in any nutrient in our diets.

Before I went plant based, I ignored that animals were slaughtered for the food we eat. I wasn't aware of the abuse that went on behind the scenes. Thankfully, I found out that plant based foods are the healthiest foods to eat, because I cannot imagine eating or using products with animals in them now. But I probably would have asked the same question about eggs before I started my health journey. But education is important, and as more information gets out there about the health consequences of eating animal products gets out there, the more people will realize that we don't neeed animal products to thrive.

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