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Who Was That Fat Man?

Union Party

Ian Myers interviewed me recently, he's the owner of IM Wellness. He asked a question that really got me thinking... "what would I say to my former obese self, if I could go back in time and give advice". I especially thought about it after stumbling upon these pictures of myself, taken at a holiday party at work. This was taken during my transition. I had just started to get serious about losing weight but was not there yet. I was still well over 300 pounds.

I almost don't recognize that person, because I've come so far since then and I've learned so much. Back then, I had no idea what foods were healthy. I never thought about being vegan, never thought I would give up soda, and processed foods were my life.

Union Party

If you asked this person back then would he ever go plant based, he would have no idea what you were talking about. If you asked him what his blood pressure was, he again would have no idea.

This man was pre-hypertensive and most likely pre-diabetic. His feet would get sensations like they were asleep, from poor circulation. His knees constantly hurt. He barely stood at his office job. Maybe he would get up once during lunch... if he was lucky.

I recall starting my job seven years ago. I was so out of breath from climbing ONE flight of stairs! Can you imagine? Now, I use the stair master 20 minutes a day. I thought I was doing enough exercise back then, but you can't exercise a bad diet away, and that would be the advice I would give him.

Union Party

Not that I would have believed it back then. I would probably continue to gobble down my hamburgers and fries, ice cream and candy bars, while doing a few weight machines at the gym. Maybe I would do a "workout" on the treadmill... a slow pace for 10 to 20 minutes. Of course I wouldn't work up a sweat.

I learned an incredible amount since these photos were taken in December 2011. I would never want to go back to my old eating habits. Being plant based leaves me feeling full longer, gives me energy and keeps my weight off. Plus, it saves hundreds of animals a year. Something I also never thought about back then. Yeah, I thought I loved animals... but now I truly do as I couldn't imagine eating them!

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