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Why I Don't Like Aspartame

Why I Don't Like Aspartame

A while back, I wrote about the dangers of aspartame. This time, I wanted to focus on why I feel it's dangerous, on a more personal level.

Recently, I found a stash of Equal, Sweet and Low and Splenda packets. My sister had so many of these packets around and she brought them everywhere. I had already thrown out several hundred packets a while ago, so it surprised me how many she really hard. Just take a look at the picture above… the bag is filled with these packets. The problem is that my sister drank so much Diet Pepsi and Diet 7-Up that I think it may have made her depression even worse.

She had aspartame to the extreme. I believe she had two 2 liter bottles of Diet Pepsi, maybe three 2 liter bottles of Diet 7_up and a large soda from McDonald's almost every day. In addition to that, one time she told me to try her coffee. She had added so many packets of Equal that it almost made me gag just taking a sip.

I do believe many of the claims that people experience with aspartame. As for myself, since I gave up aspartame, I don't experience any headaches anymore, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were caused from having aspartame. I only had maybe one tall glass of Diet Coke a day and a couple packets of equal in my tea, but now I use stevia in my tea and completely avoid soda.

I recall when my sister first tried aspartame. She didn't like it and said it tasted like medicine. Indeed. Aspartame is chemicals, after all! She acquired a taste for it, like so many others, because it's calorie free. If you have a lot of aspartame, ask yourself, did you like the taste of it when you first tried it? Why did you stick with it, did you think it would help with your weight loss?

Research has shown that aspartame can actually increase weight. The reason is that it makes your body not understand when it's hungry. Along with all the other side effects it may cause, such as depression, and even multiple schlerosis, I would rather avoid this chemical.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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