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Strength Training Update: I'm Now Doing Free Weights!

Strength Training Update: I'm Now Doing Free Weights!

My personal trainer likes to mix up the work out every few weeks. This week, he has me using the free weights, which is more challenging than using the Cybex Smith Machine.

All the exercises are done on a weight bench. I'm doing exercises for all the muscle groups. The most challenging one for me was where I had to step up to the bench while holding onto weights. You have to make sure you have the proper balance for this exercise. I did this exercise before and it always had me confused. He taught me how to do it properly and I think I'll do better on this one than I did in the past.

Next week, my trainer will check my body fat percentage again. I've been eating clean, having lots of protein and working hard. I hope that will result in an improved reading! A few people have told me that I looked like I lost weight today. Maybe the strength training is changing the body composition as I have not lost any weight for months. If anything, I gained a few pounds.

I said it before but I think I need to repeat it. Weight is not an issue now. I'm trying to increase my lean muscle mass. I think my muscles are showing more, especially in my arms and legs. The abs are flatter but still a small bulge. I'm sure I'll get there as I plan to continue working out and eating clean!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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