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Dr. Fuhrman Interview: How To Stay Healthy

Recently, my friend Rob Lee and I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Originally, the topic was supposed to be about mental health but with all that's going on with the COVID-19 virus, I felt some questions were needed on the subject.

While I do agree with Dr. Fuhrman that the best way to protect yourself is with a whole food plant based diet, I want to stress it's still important to social distance. Although most people will recover fro it, you don't want to be a carrier. Wait until the authorities say it’s safe before you go back to your usual activities. I would hate to be a carrier and think I might contaminate someone else. We didn’t stress this enough in the video but it’s important to remember.

The other thing I don’t completely agree with is the Omega 3/DHA supplementation from fish oil as I am one hundred percent vegan. For ethical reasons, I suggest a vegan omega 3 DHA.

Dr. Fuhrman has a lot of passion about healthy eating and believes this is the best way to build up your immune system. I think it’s the perfect time to eat healthier. In case you get infected, you will have the best tools to fight the infection... the nutrients from the foods.

Dr. Fuhrman discusses supplements in the video as well. Just s you know, I take the following supplements, all vegan. I take vitamin D3, as I live in the east coast. I take an omega 3 / DHA supplement that’s also vegan. I also include a daily B12 supplement. B12 is crucial for any vegan. I know there are vegans out there taking the chance without B12, but I don't want to take that chance.

I became plant based because of Dr. Fuhrman. I found out about him on a Dr. Oz episode.  I started following his GBOMBS foods (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds). I found his lectures fascinating about how processed meats and too many animal products can lead to health problems. This lead me on the path I'm on today, completely free of animal products. Yes, Dr. Fuhrman is not completely vegan, but his message gave me the start toward veganism.

Enjoy the video and I hope you get a lot out of it.

Check out Dr. Fuhrman's latest book "Eat For Life" by clicking <a href="/" target="_blank">here</a>.


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