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Plant Based Eating: Everything you need to know with Dr. Michael Klaper

Recently, my friend Terry Gleason and I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Michael Klaper, who is a pioneer in plant based medicine.

During the interview, Dr. Klaper talks about how to keep your immune system strong if you happen to catch the coronavirus. The best way to keep your immune system healthy is to cut back or eliminate animal based foods and increase your consumption of fruits and veggies. This is now a critical time to eat healthy to hopefully keep the virus from making us extremely sick.

We also discuss the "everything in moderation" analogy. Why would you want a moderate amount of damage to your body instead of eliminating all that cause harm to it? As he mentions, quoting from Dr. Greger, why would you want to keep injuring your knee with a hammer everyday? You should avoid hitting yourself at all with the hammer and let your body heal.

I thought it was important to ask about supplements during the pandemic. As I expected, vitamin D3 and B12 are critical. I do take them daily and recommend others to do so as well. Listen to Dr. Klaper's advice on supplements.

Other topics include what is the difference between DHEA and omega 3, is there any benefits to the keto diet, do we need to eat gluten free, why are doctors reluctant to talk about plant based diets and why isn't it accepted by so many of our friends? Did the coronavirus come from animals? Dr. klaper did a great job answering all our questions and my hope is my readers will check out the video. If you are thinking about going plant based, this video will give you a good overview on why you should consider it.

I thank Dr. Klaper for taking the time to do the interview. As much as Terry and I know about plant based eating already, we both learned a lot. He is an excellent advocate for plant based eating. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, you will be inspired!

Check out Dr. Klaper's website for more information.

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