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I Accomplished My Goal... 200 Crunches Done Today!

I've been building up to 200 crunches. I was doing the Greater Waterbury YMCA ab challenge last month and the last day of the challenge stopped at 160 crunches. I thought to myself,, I'd like to do an even 200 of them. So I kept going, increasing 5 per day until I reached 200 today.

In addition, I'm doing their other ab challenge, a planking challenge. It's five different kinds of planks, increasing by 5 seconds each day. There's only 2 days left of this challenge. Today, I held the planks for 50 seconds each.

I am sure I have a ton of muscle underneath this skin, but of course you can't see much definition behind the excess skin. It's getting there though. My skin is so much smaller in that area that it's undetectable through clothing. It's not like I live at the beach that I have to worry about the little bit of flab there.

So the ab challenge was worth it! I can't wait to hear what my body fat measures in April, especially the abs! I know I've been working hard, so the numbers should be better this time around!

It's Hard To Remember How Heavy I Really Was
Another Challenge Done... Another Challenge Begins...

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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

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