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Why'd I Wait So Long?

  1. Why’d I Wait So Long? This was the question a plastic surgeon asked me during my consultation for an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This question resonated in my mind.

For the past 5 years, I had been trying everything to tighten my abs to no avail. I was stubborn, thinking every doctor was wrong. Any consultation or doctor appointment I had, the doctor would always state the same thing...

“This is just skin. You have very little fat in there. Once skin stretches, it doesn’t bounce back. You were 350 pounds... there’s no way you wouldn’t be left with loose skin.”

But you have to understand my personality, something that I discovered after I lost my weight. As I said, I am stubborn... not only that, I like to prove people wrong. However, I am beginning to be honest about the situation. After over 5 years of sustained weight loss, there is no way this will tighten on it’s own. I just want to get the procedure done and get on with other goals I have. You know, goals that are achievable that I can do, like becoming a vegan bodybuilder, becoming some kind of nutrition coach, goals that can happen with hard work.

When I think of how much time and money I wasted in regard to my belly, I cringe. I spent hundreds of dollars on creams and wraps. I did sessions with people who claim they can tighten my skin with heat, creams, etc. None of these alternative solutions work and are just a waste of money.

The only thing that wasn’t a waste of time was all the crunches and abdominal workouts I did. My muscles are in great shape and they should be popping when my skin is tightened!

Another reason it’s good I waited was it allowed me to become plant based and vegan. So as much as I wasted time, there were a few good reasons to wait for the surgery.

But I’m at the end of the line for non-invasive options. Some people have suggested I fast to get a tight belly. I’m not into any short term fixes anymore. Besides, my sister was anorexic, I don’t want to follow in her footsteps to allegedly get a flat belly. So surgery is really the only way to a flat belly.

I’m actually excited about it though. Once it’s done, I’m sure I will wonder myself why I waited so long!

I am still deciding what doctor to choose. I have one more consultation on Monday, and although all doctors were impressive (except my first consult I blogged about a few weeks ago), I really liked the doctor I saw today. After Monday’s appointment, I’ll have to give it a lot of thought.

But one thing’s clear. The procedure will be roughly $10,000. So far, everyone came in with very similar quotes. Ironically, the one I was least impressed with, the first one, was also the most expensive.

I plan to document the abdominoplasty on here so please keep checking the blog for updates.

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