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The Why That Keeps Me Going

I had an awesome interview with Elisha Lee today. Elisha is founder of Eat To Live Daily and is helping so many people transition to a healthy plant based lifestyle and improve their health.

One of the questions during the interview had to do with my why. Why do I keep going and why do I keep eating the way I do. I answered that my why is health. But I was giving it some thought since the interview and my why has been even beyond health. I don't think I gave a complete answer because there are other whys.

These answers to why I keep going are like goals. I still have some loose skin around my chest and arms. Although it's minimal compared to where I was, I keep up with the strength training as I want to get rid of excess skin. This why keeps me wanting to build more muscle. It's a why that keeps me going to the gym 5 days a week.

My why also is because I'm an ethical vegan now. Therefore, if food is around and I don't know the ingredients, I won't eat it for ethical reasons. Now I know not everyone is an ethical vegan, but that indeed is one of my whys.

I do think it's important to have a why. Everyone needs goals to strive for. If I didn't have a why, I think I would relapse. The why keeps me running. Why do I use the treadmill? I want to improve my speed at running. By working on my why, to improve my speed and distance, it will eventually get me ready for a full marathon!

If you are new to the weight loss journey, know our why. Health is always my number one priority, I didn't lose any weight until it was about health. If you figure out your why, it might help you with your goals.

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