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A Knee Injury After A Thanksgiving Run

I haven't been blogging much lately as I have been busy with work and doing physical therapy. I suffered a painful knee injury and am doing therapy to heal.

What happened was I hadn't been doing much practice running prior to the Manchester Road Race. I also never stretched, something which contributed to my injury. I did well considering I hadn't been doing any outside running for weeks. I came in at 9+ minutes per mile.

Everything was great, I cooled off, had plenty of water. I went home and my knee was still OK. It wasn't until I went out to Target for something that the left knee suddenly started to swell. It was starting to burn and I knew I couldn't stay in Target too long.

When I made it home, it was really getting to be excruciating. I couldn't bend my knee as there was so much fluid in there. I couldn't put any weight on it either. I panicked and called the ambulance so that I could get to the ER. I knew I couldn't make it down the stairs.

Once I got to the hospital, the doctor drained my knee. He said it was due to some kind of injury as it was all blood. He gave me crutches and I made my way home, still unable to bend my knee.

The next day, it was still sore but at least the swelling was gone. I tried to use the crutches but found them kind of annoying. I never ended up using them. My knee was already healing. I attribute this to my diet. I don't think inflammation can last long in my body with the healthy plant based foods that I eat. I still had pain when using the left knee on the stairs but at least I wasn't limping.

I avoided the gym for a week. That was tough for me as I like to be active. But I avoided it at the doctor's advise.

I saw an orthopedist and she said that it could have been a small tear. Whatever it was, therapy was the best way to heal. I am now doing sessions a couple days a week.

I learned from the therapist that it was caused by my tight hamstrings and quads. I need to stretch and not just run without doing any kind of stretching first. He gave me exercises to do everyday. It has made a huge difference. My knee feels completely normal again. The pain that was there when I used the stairs is now gone for the most part.

He told me I'll be able to run in a few weeks. For the time being, he wants me to use the exercise bike. The problem is, the bike doesn't feel like it gets my heart rate up the way running does. But I'll stick with it as I don't want to rush it and get injured all over again.

It feels good to be back at the gym. I learned a lot from the physical therapy; the experience will help me improve my running.

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