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Strength Training Update: Getting More Intense!

Strength Training Update: Getting More Intense!

Wow, what a workout today! My trainer mixed up the workout again as he don't like me staying on the same workout too long. He didn't check my body fat percentage this time around but will do so again in two weeks. My weight was exactly the same as two weeks ago, so I don't need to adjust what I'm eating. He advised me to continue eating lots of protein and clean eating.

I've been doing circuit training for a while and now he wants me to focus on doing each set three times in a row with a 20 second rest in-between. This changes the intensity of the workout and doesn't give the muscles a chance to rest much after each set. The good thing is the workouts won't take as long. But I will have to go to the gym nearly every day in order to complete each routine.

You wouldn't think the small change of doing each exercise three times in a row would make much of a difference but it does change the intensity! I think the muscles get a much better workout this way.

I do feel stronger. It takes time for it to show but I know it's working. I will share photos eventually, when I'm ready. It looks like this summer will be great for the beach as I should be in shape! Progress is slow and it's tough to not get impatient, but I think the hard work will pay off.

I think my legs are the strongest muscles in my body. This shouldn't be a surprise as I've been doing the treadmill for so long. The arms are getting there but they certainly aren't as strong as my legs.

I never realized what was involved to tighten the skin but I'm liking the workouts! I still miss the treadmill although I do use it 5 - 10 minutes each day.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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