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Building Muscle But What About Body Fat Percentage?

I've been so much focused on weight lifting I haven't been thinking about my body fat percentage. I really haven't had it checked for a while but I know body fat is important in order to see 6 pack abs. Judging from all the advice I've seen online regarding ab definition, the body fat needs to be in the single digits. The last time I wrote about it, I believe my abs were at 10.38 percent.

I let the body fat talk subside as I wanted to focus on the strength. In order to build muscle, I needed to put on some weight. Once I start seeing more results with the muscle, I'm sure my focus will then go to the body fat percentage again.

I do eat clean, as I've been eating clean for a long time now. I'm sticking with the plant based diet as I feel so energetic and healthy eating this way. I also don't crave the bad foods by eating this way.

By eating clean, it should be relatively easy for me to get to single digit body fat when I want to start focusing on it again. If I were to check now, my numbers would more than likely be up as the weight has come up about 12 pounds (due to muscle). I might as well continue the muscle building until I'm satisfied with the results and then shift into lowering the body fat.

Here is a group of photos that show what I hope is progress... including a before (about 2010), skinny (about 2015) and current picture (today).


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