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Strength Training Update: Awesome! Body Fat Percentage Is Down!

Strength Training Update: Awesome! Body Fat Percentage Is Down!

This is awesome!

My trainer measured my body fat percentage yesterday with the calipers. There's a margin of 3 percent error, but the number was around 17.5! He figures even with the 3 percent error, my number is less than 19, so it has come down considerably!

When I first started the training, he told me the number was over 23. I've come a long way, and he thought the rate that the percentage came down was quick. I'll keep going because my goal is to get around 13 or so.

I have a new set of exercises and I'll have to workout six days a week. It's hard work but it's worth it! I'm using the Cybex Smith machine this time around for the chest press, then doing modified pull-ups using a machine, push ups, etc. For the first day, I have to work on my chest and triceps, then the next day it's the back and biceps and then finally my legs. I'll be able to fit two workouts in per week for each of these muscle groups by working out for six days each week.

I'll see how much my skin tightens once I get to my goal body fat percentage. At least I know that the training is getting results, even if I do get impatient waiting to see results!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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