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Off to a great start, the weight loss challenge is underway!

Off to a great start, the weight loss challenge is underway!

I was talking with Rich Hubbard a couple of weeks back about my weight loss progress. To say the least things were going pretty slow. I was eating better but I lost the vigor from my previous motivations (the really embarrassing ones... My motivation to lose weight & My 2nd motivation to lose weight: A trip in Boston)

Rich recommended that I try the weight-loss challenge that kept him motivated and involved.  I figured it was worth the shot. Plus it would get me out of the house and bring me face to face with other people that have similar goals.

I joined the fall Northwest CT YMCA Corporate Wellness Challenge. The challenge adds a slight competitive element to losing weight as well as social support.

Starting weight at of the beginning of the challenge was 264 LBS.  My first weekly weigh-in came in at 254 LBS.  That's right! 10 LBS lost in my first week!

Usually weight comes off fast in the beginning so I am not going to celebrate too much.  If I consistently lose 2-4 LBS per week over the upcoming weeks I will be very happy.  But what a great start!

I'm following a diet plan I had done over 10 years ago.  I will post details in the upcoming days.  It was prepared by nutritionists called "The Diet Divas" back in the year 2001. (Yeah I know... let me turn in my man-card... "Diet DIVAS?!") My mother introduced me to the diet way back and I did well on it... however I did not make appropriate changes to my lifestyle to maintain it.  It took me many years to gain the weight back, however I will not be neglecting my health the same way I did before.

I'll post more in the upcoming days! Stay tuned!

My first day of physical activity... holy crap... ...
Why Put Off Losing Weight?

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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