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Ultimate weight loss motivation, fighting Diabetes.

Ultimate weight loss motivation, fighting Diabetes.

It has been a while since my last update.  Back on October 20th of 2015 I wrote about my desire to get back on the wagon to lose 91lbs. I mentioned how I haven't been feeling all too well and I was also at my heaviest weight of 274lbs. Knowing I had something wrong going on, I still decided to ignore it for a month or so without taking my own advice about seeing a doctor to check out what was ailing me.  Eventually, I saw a doctor and was able to get myself back on blood pressure medicine along with a statin to manage my cholesterol. Once back on the medication, after not having been on it for well over 2 years, I figured I was ok to continue my eating habits for a short time, sort of as a "last hurrah" before I kicked in my weight loss regime with the start of the new year.  With a follow up visit to the doctors to run some blood work to determine whether or not the medication was causing any havoc in my system, that is when the bomb dropped.  The abuse of my body had taken its toll.   It was discovered I had a high fasting blood glucose reading. (138) My A1C had me dipped into the insulin level of a diabetic. (9.6) Aside from all of this I also had an ear infection that was going on for some months and would not fully go away. 

I wasn't surprised and I almost suspected that something like this was happening based on how I did not feel well even after restarting the blood pressure and cholesterol meds. It was enough to give me a kick in the pants when it comes to making some key changes in my life.  Millions of people live with diabetes and many die due to complications of the disease.  This fact alone is enough to narrow my focus where I am to engage in battle against the disease as well as lose weight. In times past there was some wiggle room for excuses such as the "I can start up my diet tomorrow" which would roll from day to day, had turned into a "holy crap, you have no choice having two young children, you need to get your butt in gear and try to rid yourself of this disease so you can watch them grow up!".  Realistically, I realize I may not be able to get rid of diabetes if it is discovered that my pancreas is no longer creating sufficient insulin. Still, I need to give it a shot and see if I can conquer the disease that so many seem to fail and fall victim. Fortunately, it appears to be Type 2 where the cells in my body may be resisting the insulin my body may be creating.

Going to war with Diabetes

My first step in trying to defeat this foe is to educate myself about the disease.  I'm currently in the middle of doing so, so I cannot offer much wisdom just yet, other than one observation. This disease is suspiciously affecting people at an alarming rate. Over the next few decades some data points to the potential of 1 in 5 people will have the disease in the U.S. alone.  

I've seen some interesting news about some Type 1 diabetics are being cured of the disease through insulin creating cell transplants where people are sacrificing diabetic meds for anti-rejection drugs. Another possible cure to Diabetes has been mentioned with the manipulation of embryonic stem cells. But as always, all of the trials and the twisted way it takes forever for possible cures to hit the market, giving all of those corporations currently fleecing that market the time to jump on the cure band wagon to maintain their greedy profit margins. So it may take many years before anything is available through modern medicine as well as "the price on life" where something that probably does not cost that much to produce, will be priced out of the market limiting those who can receive the cure. As an example look to the cures for Hepatitis C where the cost of the treatment comes to $1500 for the 12 week regiment yet they charge $80,000 or so just because they can. This was confirmed when the CEO of one of these companies was interviewed and called out on the ridiculous margin on a national morning news show. I'll be sure to link to the interview on my next post.

AlmondsThe next step is to get my weight under control.  I started at my heaviest at 274 lbs.  So far by cutting out ALL processed sugar and falling back  into my old weight loss routine I have ditched 30lbs so far.  Currently I weigh 244 lbs.  I have stalled on my weight loss for about 2 weeks now and I am tweaking things to get it going in the right direction again.  So far all of the weight loss has been done through diet alone.  No exercise.  Beginning in May, I will be starting a cardio program and hope that will help me jump start my weight loss once again.

In my next post I will update with more details and discoveries of the steps I've taken to get to where I am today as well as my plans for progressing in the near future.  Currently, I am reading a book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman who has a proven track record with helping those with type 2 diabetes get off of the medications all together through diet alone.  It is a different lifestyle than what I am used to, but as I read more, it is compelling me to give it a chance to see what I can do. If you are interested in picking up your own copy of his book you can get it here: The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes



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