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If at first you do not succeed... try try to lose 91 lbs again.

If at first you do not succeed...  try try to lose 91 lbs again.

Well over a year ago I was fed up with my weight.  I had grown fat and lazy.  Laziness was further perpetuated through the programming my brain had undergone with the years of poor eating and neglect.  I was addicted to sugar and fatty foods and eating the way I did sent me spiraling into depression which often then made it easy to be lazy. It ensured a self fulling prophecy of health failure since like any addition the substance (food in this case) tricks the brain into satisfying itself but with destructive results.

I woke up to what was happening and decided to try and lose weight.  Knowing well it was going to take a lifestyle change I cut sugar out of my diet and ate a high protein / low carb diet and lost over 40+ lbs.  However with the rising costs of food, having a family that has no dietary restrictions and having a disposition that proved to be weaker than I first thought, I fell back into my old routine of addictive sugar/fatty diet and gained my weight back.  Cost of food was really the breaking point since it is very expensive if you want to move completely away from eating processed foods.

Does this sound familiar to you?  If at first you do not succeed try try again. Well this time I have no choice.  I have had years of high blood pressure and who knows what damage I have done to my kidneys, liver and stomach, as well as making myself a probable candidate for diabetes.

All I know is now I feel worse now than when I tried to lose weight the first time.  So in an attempt to avoid and/or arrest the diet yoyo, I'm going back on the wagon and treating this round of weight loss as though I am dealing with addiction.

First step is to visit a doctor and see exactly what's happening on the inside, then find out what can be controlled to stop the probable damage to my body as I continue my transition back to healthy eating and weight loss.  I've started my diet again, however with having such high protein I want to make sure that my organs can handle the processing of the foods without causing further stress.  

Stay tuned!


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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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