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My motivation to lose weight: Dickydo Disorder

b2ap3_thumbnail_belly-fat.pngEveryone who is obese or overweight has "the moment of clarity" when they become aware of the need to kickstart their weight loss. I'm talking about the event or observation that happens in life that makes one start to contemplate their health, issues that arise from being overweight and why they want to lose the weight.

While visiting a movie theater, where my disorder, one that affects all overweight men, reared its ugly head and offered up my moment of clarity.

Going to the movies is one of the few things I do to take a break from the family and get out of the house from time to time. The trip usually includes the common ritual of buying popcorn along with an enormous sized soda.  At the conclusion of the movie another common ritual takes place; the quick run to the bathroom urinal.  I proceeded to evacuate myself and flushed the urinal.  My shirt got completely soaked. (for the guys out there you know how powerful the flush on those urinals can be)  Unfortunately for me it was not splash back. I FRIGGAN PEED ALL OVER MY SHIRT!...  Yes... you read that correctly... I peed on myself... Why you ask? Well it was because of my disorder, Dickydo Disorder.  This disorder is when your stomach sticks out more than your dickydo.  

My shirt hangs out and away from my body once you get past that huge belly. So when going to the bathroom I could not look past my stomach and into the urinal to see that my shirt was hanging right in the path of my stream of old soda making its way into the urinal.  How embarrassing you say?  NO CRAP!!

After a short bout of hysterical laughter and total embarrassment I washed my hands and rinsed out my shirt. I exited the bathroom quickly and a little loudly muttering on about how loose those soda lids are on those huge cups and how they fall off too easily and how upset I was about spilling soda all over myself.  I left the packed theater defeated.  Dickydoo disorder struck again. After that I looked to my buddy and said... you know what?  I definitely need to lose weight... He was still laughing since when we were in the bathroom and he discovered what happened.

What was your moment of clarity as to when you decided to lose weight?

Below is an image illustrating the Dickydo Disorder. (No, this is not an actual image of my belly.)


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Monday, June 24, 2019

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