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Can You Believe I Once Fit Into These Pants?

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1356.jpgYou know you've accomplished something when you have to buy new clothes!

I kept a few pairs of my size 44 pants, just as a reminder of how obese I really was just a few short years ago. To put it in perspective, I went from size 44 waist down to size 34.

It seems hard to believe that at one time I actually fit into these pants. Some of the shirts I've saved went half way down my legs, many being XXL. Now medium shirts fit me... I never thought I would fit into a medium.

It's an amazing feeling when you first realize that those old clothes don't fit any longer. When working out, I recall the XXL shorts I was working were getting a little too hard to keep at my waist. I had to wear bets all the time as my clothes sizes changed so much in the course of a year's time. I'm not complaining though... it's a great excuse to buy new clothes for a slimmer version of yourself.

When trying on new clothes, it was such a surprise to discover I could fit into size 34. It's awesome to not have to look for the big & tall section, although I still require tall in shirts! I used to feel bad when clothes I liked didn't come in my size. Now 34's are so common, I don't have to search specialty departments for my size.

Look at these pants pictured below. I compared the size with what I wear now. That was a lot of fat to lose. I feel proud that I kept the weight off!


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