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A Week Without Cardio... Concentrating On Lifting Weights!

I love doing cardio! After all, the treadmill helped me lose most of my weight. I've been trying to cut down on cardio but this week has really been different. I did not use the treadmill for a whole week. I don't want to keep losing weight... I'm so active that it seems like by using the treadmill, I would keep losing weight.

I still get my steps in. According to my pedometer, I do get well over 10,000 steps each day. So what do I need to use the treadmill for when I'm already active enough? I'm focusing on my muscle and I think the results are getting more noticeable each day. Also, I did run for 5 minutes yesterday around a track as a warmup.

Although my skin is still sagging around my abs, I like how the muscle is increasing in my arms, chest and legs. I workout each muscle group to fatigue and it's really made a difference.

I do the weights as a circuit, so I get my cardio with the weight lifting. I'm able to get 5 days a week of strength training in, at least most weeks. The nice thing about these workouts are that they go faster. The treadmill took a lot of extra time. Thinking back, I can't believe I used to use the treadmill for over an hour! I wish I started strength training much earlier; I probably wouldn't have as much loose skin if I did.

So here's a few updated photos. Muscle growth is slowly occurring, and I'm hoping as more muscle grows, the last of the loose skin in my abs will tighten.


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New Muscles Emerging!

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

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