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I'm Tired of the Protein Myth!

I was like other weight lifters over the years. Yeah, I used the protein powders, thinking they would help me achieve the muscle mass that I worked hard for. I mostly used vegan based powders but did try whey protein once or twice. Whey protein never digested well for me which is why I didn't use it for too long.

Anyway, I believed the same myth that I still hear over and over again... that you need a lot of protein to gain muscle. Before I continue with the article, please note that I am not debating animal versus plant protein here. I'll save that for another time. Rather, I want to focus on this myth that have gotten all too common, about how much protein we need.

Did you know that it's impossible to be protein deprived in this country? The fact is we ingest too much of it and too much protein can lead to a number of health issues, from liver and kidney issues to cancer. I've learned a lot about protein from reading various books by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Fuhrman and Robert Cheeke, the vegan bodybuilder. If you eat enough calories each day, you are getting enough protein.

If I'm looking to keep healthy, why take extra protein? And for the meat eaters out there, why ingest extra protein powder... aren't you getting more than enough protein from the food you are eating? Protein powders are a huge waste of money and could potentially prove to be harmful to your health.

Another myth that needs to go away... that people can't get enough protein from plants. Whether you eat meat or plants is your business, but let's get one thing clear, people have more than enough protein from plants too. This myth is getting really old. Many bodybuilders are proving that plants have protein by the way they are building muscle. If you are looking to reason with a plant based bodybuilder on why they need meat, please find another question other than "where do you get your protein from".

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