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A Walk To Los Angeles? Almost!

I've been using a pedometer for about a little under two years now. I've used it everyday consistently with the exception of one day, March 8 of last year, when I was sick with a bad cold. Every day since then, I've gotten at least 10,000 steps.

Now that I'm in my next phase of my workouts, I'm thinking of giving up the pedometer. I know I do a lot everyday and I do get the required steps in. I'm thinking maybe I should wear it on days that it's tough for me to get all the steps in, just for accountability on those days.

The strength training is a far more important part of my workout. The steps I get are not all cardio based, meaning I'm not getting a good workout in when I do the steps anyway. It's more about making sure that I'm moving around enough. But I don't think I need to be a slave to the device as I am active enough now. I'll still exercise each day, walk the dog, walk during lunch at work, etc. I can't see myself getting lazy without it.

But back to this achievement. I figured I have now walked 6,132,100 steps since April of 2012. That means I could have walked to Los Angeles, from Connecticut!

So, I'm looking for feedback. Do you think I should give up the pedometer and only use it on days that I feel I won't get much exercise? I think I've more than proved that I will get enough exercise each day!

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

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